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We build powerful and modern cloud based applications for any medium, desktop, tablet or mobile.
Our pioneering application, SES aids development teams to develop Salesforce applications 30% faster and guarantees to increase quality of the developed application using our proprietary machine learning algorithm
Using the SES application we have built other apps, 'blink Property Agent' for estate agencies and our free app 'Object Definition Capture' which improves the requirements gathering and communication between stakeholders, developers and testing teams.
SES consultants work with our partners to deliver strategic Salesforce solutions for their customers.

blink Property Agent

blink Property Agent has all the features you would expect from any modern cloud based estate agent software provider. But where we beat all our competitors like DezRez, ReapIT, Universal and PropertyBase, with blink Property Agent you can create bespoke floor plans, you can take payments for any of your customers and many more time saving features.

  • Create Floorplans
  • Upload To RightMove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation and many more
  • Mobile ready
  • Take Payments
  • Data History Recorded Automatically
  • Produce Bespoke Property Searches
  • Quick Customer Create
  • Advanced Customer Communications
  • Send SMS Messages
  • Postcode Lookup
  • Google Maps
  • Social Media
  • And too many more features to mention


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Property portal integration
blink Property Agent integrates with some of the world's largest property portal websites. Our integration instantly increases your customer base to hundreds of thousands from within your software.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Engage with other agents and brokers to access their properties and share yours. Instantly increases your inventory and exposes your properties to other agents and thus maximises your selling potential.

Property Browser
Instantly match your customers to properties they want. With the property browser you can instantly search your entire property inventory and return properties that match your customer's requirements. These can then be displayed in our stylish user interface, emailed, printed, tweeted, facebooked or even sent to customers via text.

Email Integration
Never miss a thing; you can integrate your Outlook with your system. This means you can track emails from customers, potential customers' tasks and events.

Mobile apps
Our mobile app for the iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices lets you manage your properties on the go, anywhere in world. You and your reps can access data, documents and information to help close more deals faster. Our mobile app was designed with the notion that you don't need a computer; you and your reps can access all the information they need on any hand held device.

Smart Search
You can search your system to find properties, customers, leads or general business information, the smart search is an easy to use search engine that lets you find information quickly.

Manage what your see
Roles and responsibilities may vary in your company, to help make sure you get the most out of blink we have profiles that can be tailored to manage the access to all parts of your system.

Build the reports you need
With our real time reporting functionality you can quickly get an update on your business, this includes the number of deals closing, the number of social media interactions, and your sales pipeline, in fact you can build reports on just about anything. It gets better though, you can build those reports yourself. You don't need to rely on an expensive IT department our drag and drop functionality makes reporting easier than ever before.

Custom Fields
Although we have gone out of our way to build industry specific fields, if you still want more that's no problem, with our built in editor you can add, hide or even rename fields with no programming experience required.

Page Layout
Move and hide at your own discretion, our page layout editor gives you control of your system.

Import Wizard
With the Import Wizard you can quickly and easily load data into blink, this means you can quickly upload property details, contact data, those all important contracts and much more.

Workflows are simple rules that you can use to automate repetitive processes. If you need to send your customer property information via email, no problem!

Duplication Management
Our duplicate management software allows you to check your current database to make sure you're not recreating an existing contact. With this easy to use feature you can be confident your data is clean and consistent.

Lead Assignment
blink gives you the ability to distribute leads to your team automatically or manually. Assignment rules make sure your company is reacting quickly to your customers and their property requirements regardless of the number of inquiries you receive.

Capture Leads
blink gives you ability to capture leads from a range of sources and have them assigned to users dynamically making sure you never miss potential business. This includes emails, your website and your mobile device.

The 360 Degree view
You can view all the information you need from one place. This includes contacts, properties, contracts, payment history, relevant documents and emails.

Diary Management
When a new lead comes in, you can't afford to miss a thing. blink gives you the ability to track emails, calls, meetings and even delegate tasks. blink's intelligent diary management minimises the time spent on admin and increases the time you spend with your customers.

Manage And print documents
To ensure compliance and speed you can manage all your essential documentation within blink. You can use our pre installed sales and letting contracts or install your own. Regardless of which contracts you decide to use you can be sure that professional branded documents are sent out to clients.

Publish Properties
At blink we have made it as easy as possible to upload a range of media, including floor plans, energy certificates, pictures and videos. You can synchronise this information with your website and 3rd party property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.

Email Marketing
Send professional HTML emails from your blink system. Your templates just need to be customised with your content with our drag and drop functionality and then you're ready to send tailored emails to your customers. Of course your customers will receive a personalised email with their details and the properties that match their requirements.

Print listings
Print listings that are ready to go straight into your window, all you need to do is add your logo and make sure you have a quality printer then your front window will be full of professional posters.

Track Deals and offers
Keep track of all deals and offers, our reports and dashboards make it easy for you to get a high level view of your organisations progress. When you need to know specifics you drill into reports or go to the record and get all information you need.

Track payments and fee's
Manage your finances in blink, You can track your employee commissions in real time. Employee commissions are based on flexible commission formulas for each individual agent. You can also track customer payments against pre-agreed payment schedules giving 100% visibility.

Take payments
Never miss a payment again. blink has teamed up with Income Systems to allow you to take payments from your website or within blink itself. You can track these payments at record and report levels making it easy for you to keep on top of late payments and debtors.

Website integration
blink integration with your websites allows you to upload properties from your system onto your website in real time. You can upload pictures videos and descriptions. What's more you can capture customer information from your website in your system in real time. This instant two way communication makes easier than ever to close deals quickly.

Tailor made Lead capture forms
No matter what information you need to capture we build the forms and place them on your website. Giving you the chance to capture the information you want automatically.

iPad access
With our iPad app your agents can access and update information in your system with our easy to use touch interface. This gives management the 360 degree view and it gives agents 'on the road' access to the information they need to sell more properties.

Work offline
Not connected to the wifi or 3G - no problem work offline. Access to critical contact and sales information with our 'connect offline feature'.

Automatic Gas and Inspection Notifier
When a rented property is due for a gas or inspection check the agent assigned to the property is sent an automatic email reminder and the next gas and inspection date is automatically set.

Unlimited photos can be uploaded for lettings
A rented property can have an unlimited number of photos uploaded for inspections etc. You can also attach tenant agreements to the rented property.

Automatic Task Notifier
Automatically notifies agents 3 days and 1 day before a Task is due to be completed.

Automatic Task Notifier
Automatically notifies agents 3 days and 1 day before a Task is due to be completed.

Customise Display
Customise which buttons are displayed on the Menu page for each user.

Self Evolving Software

SES is simply the holy grail of development, the ability for a computer program to understand what is required in English and hunt down functions in the codebase to fulfill a particular business requirement.

In development teams developers commonly duplicate code because they are not aware that the same function has already been developed by another developer, this may be in the same organization or not.

Every time this happens an organization loses money in costly developers time and also by unnecessarily delaying IT projects.

Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm SES literally automates the processes of finding relevant functions from the codebase and creating new code using these functions to fulfill the business requirement.

By utilizing crowd sourcing, SES is a catalyst to faster, more accurate and efficient software development.

So it's time to put your feet up, relax and let the software do the work.

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Object Definition Capture

Our Free app captures object and field requirements in a consistent way. Project managers often miss capturing information correctly and in a consistent way for objects and fields, such as security, page layout information, to be included on report types etc.

Capture object and field requirement in a consistently
Save time for project managers and BAs capturing requirements
Developers and testers are given a consistent approach for requirements gathering

Saves time for Project Managers and Business Analysts having to have numerous meetings discussing miss-understanding by developers and testers. Developers and testers are given a consistent approach for requirements gathering of objects and fields and so improves communication across teams.
Whatever you are looking for from an implementation and consulting partner, a full Salesforce CRM implementation or help to improve return on investment of your existing system, our team have experience that is unmatched in the consulting industry. We have proprietary built applications and technology that deliver an immediate increase on investment that is unique in the industry. We offer a range of cost effective Salesforce CRM consultancy services, tailored to your particular needs:

  • Salesforce consultancy and implementation
  • Our in-house built applications make developing systems faster with more quality intrinsic to the development methodologies. Identifies pending breakages in governor limits and makes defect resolution far quicker
  • Our standard technology toolsets that is unique in the marketplace provide a fundamental bedrock to build upon, enabling more robust systems to be developed far quicker
  • Customisation and configuration
  • Force.com custom application development
  • User and system administrator training
  • Expert for a Day service
  • Work process streamlining
  • Integration with existing applications

Income Systems provide cloud based payment processing systems for the management of incoming payments.

Salesforce, the pioneer and leader in cloud CRM, but Salesforce is now much more than just a CRM now. An organization can expand and develop on Salesforce core product offerings to bespoke your environment to your company's specific needs.

Powered by the Salesforce cloud Mobile ready, delivered
on the Salesforce 1 platform
iPad ready, giving your business
flexibility to work anywhere anytime
Compatible with any browser
on PC or Apple


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