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SES automatically selects the best and most efficient functions available to you to perform whatever you are trying to achieve, and does all of this in seconds automatically.
Our pioneering application, SES aids development teams to develop Salesforce applications 30% faster and guarantees to increase quality of the developed application using our proprietary machine learning algorithm
Developers like any staff come and go from organisations, during such transition times knowledge must be transferred. If you have little or no technical documentation the time taken for this knowledge transfer is much longer, which affects project deliveries. Another affect of staff attrition is that the many coding styles of different developers results in a less intelligible and understandable system; SES forces styles to be consistent adhering to Salesforce best practices and so makes the system more intelligible and understandable, resulting in higher quality code and an easier knowledge transfer between staff, thus saving time and allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget.
Documenting code to understand how a system has been developed is necessary before a system is changed and improved, because changing something you dont understand can cause more problems than what you are fixing. SES documents your entire codebase effortlessly, shows how functions link and reference other functions and what their purpose are, and produces many recommendations for code improvements to adhere to best practices, avoid many governor limits and create more robust unit tests. Gathering this information across hundreds of functions traditionally takes a lot of time, which is expensive. SES does all of this for you with no effort, providing developers providing powerful tools and an easy way to trasfer knowledge.
Are you losing sight of what fields and objects have been built and why they were built. And do you often have many defects raised by users connected to fields and objects, such as permissions, viewable access on pages and reports. Luckily SES fixes all of these issues for you.
We build powerful and modern cloud based applications for any medium, desktop, tablet or mobile. SES consultants work with our partners to deliver strategic Salesforce solutions.

Self Evolving Software

SES is simply the holy grail of software development, the ability for a software program to understand what is required in English and hunt for functions in the codebase to fulfill a particular business requirement.

SES is like having 10 equally smart developers and all develop at the highest quality coding but they are virtual inside Salesforce so you dont have to pay salaries for them

In development teams developers commonly duplicate code because they are not aware that the same function has already been developed by another developer, this may be in the same organization or not.

Every time this happens an organization loses money in costly developers time and also by unnecessarily delaying IT projects.

Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm SES literally automates the processes of finding relevant functions from the codebase and creating new code using these functions to fulfill the business requirement.

By utilizing crowd sourcing, SES is a catalyst to faster, more accurate and efficient software development.

So it's time to put your feet up, relax and let the software do the work.

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Object Definition Capture

Our Free app captures object and field requirements in a consistent way. Project managers often miss capturing information correctly and in a consistent way for objects and fields, such as security, page layout information, to be included on report types etc.

Capture object and field requirement in a consistently
Save time for project managers and BAs capturing requirements
Developers and testers are given a consistent approach for requirements gathering

Saves time for Project Managers and Business Analysts having to have numerous meetings discussing miss-understanding by developers and testers. Developers and testers are given a consistent approach for requirements gathering of objects and fields and so improves communication across teams.
Whatever you are looking for from an implementation and consulting partner, a full Salesforce CRM implementation or help to improve return on investment of your existing system, our team have experience that is unmatched in the consulting industry. We have proprietary built applications and technology that deliver an immediate increase on investment that is unique in the industry. We offer a range of cost effective Salesforce CRM consultancy services, tailored to your particular needs:

  • Salesforce consultancy and implementation
  • Our in-house built applications make developing systems faster with more quality intrinsic to the development methodologies. Identifies pending breakages in governor limits and makes defect resolution far quicker
  • Our standard technology toolsets that is unique in the marketplace provide a fundamental bedrock to build upon, enabling more robust systems to be developed far quicker
  • Customisation and configuration
  • Force.com custom application development
  • User and system administrator training
  • Expert for a Day service
  • Work process streamlining
  • Integration with existing applications

Income Systems provide cloud based payment processing systems for the management of incoming payments.

Salesforce, the pioneer and leader in cloud CRM, but Salesforce is now much more than just a CRM now. An organization can expand and develop on Salesforce core product offerings to bespoke your environment to your company's specific needs.

Powered by the Salesforce cloud Mobile ready, delivered
on the Salesforce 1 platform
iPad ready, giving your business
flexibility to work anywhere anytime
Compatible with any browser
on PC or Apple


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